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Reflective Snap-N-Go


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Parent 7-Charac Color
  • -R1Black
  • -R10Blue Heaven
  • -R11Purple
  • -R12Dark Blue
  • -R13Olive
  • -R14Yellow
  • -R16Navy
  • -R17Teal
  • -R18Salmon
  • -R2Blue
  • -R3Orange
  • -R4Dark Gray
  • -R5Red
  • -R6Green
  • -R7Coral
  • -R8Mint
  • -R9Pink

Perfect for any active canine, this adjustable nylon collar features a woven-in reflective safety stripe and extra durable anodized aluminum dee for performance you can count on. A quick-release buckle lends on-the-go ease to this precise-fit, single-ply collar.

Collar & Harness Size Chart

XSNeck: 9"
SNeck: 9-13"Girth: 13-20"
MNeck: 13-19"Girth: 16-25"
LNeck: 17-25"Girth: 20-33"
XLNeck: 25-27"

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