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Reflective Neoprene Lined Dog


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Parent 6-Charac Size
  • 3Small
  • 4Medium
  • 5Large
  • -R1Black
  • -R10Blue Heaven
  • -R11Purple
  • -R12Dark Blue
  • -R13Olive
  • -R14Yellow
  • -R15Dark Gray/Orang
  • -R16Navy
  • -R17Teal
  • -R18Salmon
  • -R2Blue
  • -R3Orange
  • -R4Dark Gray
  • -R5Red
  • -R6Green
  • -R7Coral
  • -R8Mint
  • -R9Pink

Your dog can explore any terrain in perfect comfort with this neoprene-lined harness that offers the right combination of pressure distribution and comfort. Lined at the belly and chest straps with contrasting neoprene, this harness offers optimum comfort during even the longest days jam-packed with activity. Four slides allow harness to be easily adjusted to just the right size to maximize your pet's range of motion.

Collar & Harness Size Chart

XSNeck: 9"
SNeck: 9-13"Girth: 13-20"
MNeck: 13-19"Girth: 16-25"
LNeck: 17-25"Girth: 20-33"
XLNeck: 25-27"

Care Instructions

  • Hand wash
  • Mild soap
  • Air dry

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