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Nylon Adjustable Snap-N-Go


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Parent 6-Charac Size
  • 5Small
  • 6Medium
  • 7Large
  • -S1Black
  • -S10Blue Heaven
  • -S11Purple
  • -S12Dark Blue
  • -S13Olive
  • -S14Yellow
  • -S2Blue
  • -S3Orange
  • -S4Dark Gray
  • -S5Red
  • -S6Green
  • -S7Coral
  • -S8Mint
  • -S9Pink

Precise-fit, single-ply collars feature a quick-release buckle for on-the-go ease. Constructed tough for even the most rugged terrain, these collars feature an anodized aluminum dee and box stitching at stress points.

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