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Adventures are better with a friend. Whether you envision yourself in a canoe or on a bike, in the mountains or along the coastline, you see your furry best friend by your side. Because dogs are naturally curious and energetic, their first instinct is not to stay by your side; it’s to explore. We admire their zeal but encourage adventuring pairs to engage in a little preliminary training before forging a path in a new environment. We believe we can give you the tools to help your dog become the best companion on all your treks.

Luckily, here at Terrain D.O.G.®, we have a passionate group of adventurers that have experience in preparing their dogs for the outdoors. Our collective goal is to use what we’ve learned to help you teach your dog how to feel comfortable accompanying you on any terrain. Watch the videos below to see how dogs learn best and why training gives them the confidence to dive into new experiences.

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Trek the Rescue Dog


Dubbed “Trek” by our Terrain D.O.G.® Instagram followers, this loveable pup was adopted in September of 2018 by Chris Miller, a member of our Terrain D.O.G.® family. Trek received no training prior to his adoption, and we shared his first training sessions with smitten fans on social media. Pick up tips by watching Chris and Trek’s early training sessions.

Terrain with us


Before you terrain, you’ve got to train. Use the videos below to deepen your training knowledge, apply new techniques, and strengthen the relationship between you and your dog for adventures you’ll never forget.

Training with Character


As dog owners, it’s important for us to train with character so that we teach good behavior to our dogs and give them a sense of security. Watch these videos to learn how training builds character in both dogs and humans.

Who we are


We’re all about getting off our tails and exploring together! Terrain D.O.G.® is committed to empowering active dog owners with training, education and durable dog gear that will get you through every terrain.