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Coolcore® Technology

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The dog days of summer are here, but don't let high temps and a hot sun keep you indoors. Terrain D.O.G. gear powered by Coolcore® technology effectively cools your canine companion while protecting them from the sun's harmful rays.

Patented Coolcore Technology Explained

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What makes Coolcore® different? While the other makers of cooling fabrics use a number of chemicals to enhance wicking, transportation and evaporation, Coolcore® fabrics are chemical free. Coolcore's award-winning. U.S. patented moisture-transportation system results in superior drying times and durability.

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Most performance-fabric fibers fit together like a puzzle, leaving no space for water to travel. Coolcore® fibers do not, leaving channels between the fibers, allowing for superior moisture movement, fast drying and regulated evaporation.

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Technology That Lasts


Cooling and drying ability lasts lifetime of material and never washes out.

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30+ UPF

100% Machine Washable


Watch the temperature of this wet Cooling Towel drop 20 degrees in a matter of seconds! Just a few snaps activates our patented Hyper Evaporative Cooling that cools up to 30% below skin temperature, effectively keeping your canine companion comfortable on even the hottest days.

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It's easy! Just wet the Coolcore® fabric to power through your favorite summer activities. Hiking, kayaking, jogging or biking, our chemical-free fabric quickly dissipates heat to regulate core temperature and boasts a UPF 30+ rating for complete sun protection.

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