Get to Know Terrain D.O.G.®

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Get to Know Terrain D.O.G.®

Here at Terrain D.O.G.®, we believe in relationships, adventure and companionship on the highest levels possible. We are dog people; we live our lives everyday with our best friends! We love hiking, kayaking, running, biking and we love bringing our sidekicks along for the ride.

We want you to share this very same experience with your best friend who just so happens to have fur. Who doesn’t want an adventure buddy? You can bring your dog along for all the adventures in your life with just a few of the right tools, which will be so rewarding for you and your pup. Where can I find these tools? Look no further.

  1. For starters, we can’t have Fido running off or getting into harm’s way while we are out adventuring. Help Fido stay safe by taking a look at some of the valuable education tips and videos that we provide to ensure safety when the trek requires it.
  2. Secondly, you will need the best gear that is as tough as you and your sidekick so no adventure is interrupted. We can help with that. We build all of our gear with you in mind. We put our gear to the test so when you need it to work the most, you have no need to worry about a thing.
  3. Next, did you know that Fido wants companionship just as much as you do? Walking through training steps together all the while building a deeper bond and level of trust, you guys can have that as well. We find that training sessions teach us life lessons and help strengthen our own lives all the while doing the same for Fido. We have some of the best companions and want to pass along some helpful tips so you can have this too.
  4. Lastly, your best friend has GOT to look as good as you. We have colors and designs that will have Fido looking his very best while doing what he loves.

Whether your adventure takes you to mountain trails, city streets, the bike trail, or being out on the water, you’ll be ready to take on anything with some help from your friends over here at Terrain D.O.G.®

Leah Keim

Terrain D.O.G.® Team

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