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Hiring a Dog Sitter? Here’s What You Should Ask

Hiring a Dog Sitter? Here’s What You Should Ask

Whether you’re looking for a day-time sitter for when you’re at work, or going on a vacation or business trip, an occasion where you need a dog sitter will inevitably turn up. It can be scary to leave your dog in the hands of another person, so we’ve crafted a few thoughtful questions you can ask potential sitters to determine if they’re the right choice for you and your dog.

Owner with Dog

What are you looking for?

It’s important to come up with a list of things you’re looking for in terms of space and amenities. Nobody wants their dog crated for hours on end, especially those who own high energy breeds. Ask your dog sitting candidates if your dog will have outdoor access and/or adequate space to move and play. Having room to move and play freely is a big contributor to your dog’s health and happiness.

Along with simply having adequate space for your dog, you’ll want to know if the environment is safe. Naturally, your dog may experience some degree of separation anxiety in a new place, which could increase the chances of them wanting to run away if an opportunity presents itself. You should ask any potential dog sitting candidates if they have the appropriate boundaries in place to allow your dog to play and move safely. Asking whether you can tour the facility/home of any potential candidates can help you determine for yourself if an environment is safe for your dog.

Will other dogs be present?

Some dog sitters might care for multiple dogs at a time. It’s important to ask any potential candidates if they have any other dogs in their care, whether it’s their own dogs or dogs belonging to others. If your pup does well with other dogs, you may not be as concerned with this question. However, before you skip over this paragraph, here are a few other things to think about if the potential sitter does care for multiple dogs.

First, are all of the dogs spayed or neutered? Be sure to inform your sitter if your dog hasn’t been spayed or neutered so that the proper precautions can be taken. Second, are all of the dogs up to date on their vaccines? Dogs can spread illnesses and diseases such as kennel cough, rabies and more, so make sure your dog is protected. Asking a few simple questions beforehand can save you a lot of vet bills and worry in the long run.

Dietary Plan

It’s important that your potential sitter is aware and equipped to handle your dog’s dietary needs. Make sure your sitter knows if your dog has any allergies, special dietary restrictions or dietary plans that need followed. If your dog needs to take any medication, ensure that your sitter is aware and has the proper knowledge and skill to take care of such things.

Dog eating from bowl

Mandatory Gear

Ask your sitter if there is any mandatory gear you need to pack with your dog. Food bowls, leashes, and slip leads are often counted as mandatory items that need to be provided by the owner. Make sure to ask about these and any other items that may be required by your particular sitter.

Finding a sitter you’re comfortable with and can trust to care for your pup is important. We hope these questions can help you narrow down the options and find a sitter both you and your dog will love!