Necessities for Camping with Your Dog

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Necessities for Camping with Your Dog

Camping is always an exhilarating experience; it is even more fun for some when they bring along their pets, especially their dogs or puppies. However, before taking your dog for an outdoor camping trip, ensure your camping checklist comprises the following necessities to make both yours and your dog’s camping experience exciting and comfortable.

Collapsible Food and Water Bowls

Collapsible dishes are better for a camping trip with your dog because you will not only provide him with food and water easily but also save a lot of your packing space. With a collapsible bowl, you are sure the food and water your dog consumes is clean, safe, and void of dirt which may cause diseases or infections. It is also essential to confirm your camping ground has access to drinking water before you go. If not, carry clean and treated water for you and your dog, because river/stream water may contain waterborne pathogens that carry diseases.

Poop Bags

Bring along a poop bag to pick after your dog. Dog poop destroys cleanliness of a good camping site, and it may contain a disease vector that may sicken other pets in the camp and their human friends. Moreover, do not assume that just because you are in the wild where animals answer to nature calls anywhere, you can as well leave your dog’s poop lying around anywhere. Carry enough poop bags that will cater for your dog throughout your camping period. In case your poop bags are insufficient, you will have to bury the dog waste. Proper disposal of dog poop keeps a dog-friendly campsite more pet-friendly.

First-Aid Supplies

Accidents happen, so it is crucial to prepare for the unknowns. Your dog may be wounded on the trail or get sick from eating/drinking dirty food or water respectively. In addition to your first aid supplies, ensure you carry along canine-specific supplies like self-clinging bandages, medication for your dog, and a rectal thermometer. A First-aid-kit will enable you to tend to wounds suffered by your pet efficiently. It may contain hydrogen peroxide for cleaning cuts, tweezers, and triple antibiotic ointment among other supplies. Having first aid supplies ensures you stay camping for the period you intended as it would not be cut short by tragedies like your dog’s sickness or accidents.

ID and Collar Tags

Every dog owner strives to keep their pets safe. Having your dog wear a collar or ID tag containing your information and his name when going camping is very crucial. This is because dogs sometimes tend to stray when you are not watching. Therefore, if your phone number is included in your dogs’ tag/collar, you can easily be contacted by those who pick him. You can as well have your dog micro chipped, to ensure they get back home safely.

Tent for you and your Dog

Dogs like sleeping with their owners. It is even safer to sleep with them in the same tent when out for camping because you are then sure of their safety. However, during the day when it is hot, you may have a dog tent for him to retreat from the hot sun. The puppies can also use the same tent in the evening when everyone is seated around the campfire. The tents are made in a way that keeps them warm when temperatures drop, they block wind and keeps the cold out. Insulated Camp Beds or space-saving Pak Pads are great options for a portable bed for your dog as well.


Pack your dog’s regular food when going camping. It is not a good idea to completely change your dog’s diet because it may bother his/her stomach. Giving him a treat is okay, but as long as you maintain his usual diet.

Dog Leash

A dog leash is an important supply when going camping with your dog, especially when walking them along a trail. If you leave them to run free, they may end up distracted and run after rabbits or squirrels and as a result, end up getting hurt or lost because of the unfamiliar environment. Keeping your dog leashed will help you avoid such problems. Get him a standard dog leash while walking down the trail as this will not only keep him close to you but also prevent him from bothering other campers.

Final Word

Having the right camping gear for your camping trip with your dog will ensure you have the time of your life. The above necessities for camping with your dog help prevent bad camping experiences. Click here to get a variety of camping supplies for your dog.

Written by Elise Morgan

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